DON’T YOU DARE try to Impeach OUR President or let alone touch one hair on Donald J. Trump’s head!

Democrat and Republican members of Congress we know what you’re up to…

We’ve heard the media reports and we’ve seen your degenerate leftist groupies plastering your disgraceful message all over social media.

We the People are here to say: don’t even think about it!!!

DON’T YOU DARE Impeach President Trump.

You saw what happened at the Capital. Make no mistake: WE are the party of law and order. We condemn the violence 100%. At the same time…

We condemn your corruption. 

We condemn your lies and your conspiracies to remove Donald J. Trump as president.

We condemn your election fraud.

And we condemn your refusal to investigate the wrongdoing.

This isn’t just about a presidency—this is about the future of America. 

If you really cared, you would have investigated the election wrongdoing instead of brushing it off.

Then again…

Why would you when it’s you the Democrazies who committed the fraud. Your inability and unwillingness to act speaks volumes and rest assured…

We will not sit down…

We will not shut up…

And we will not go away.

You are subverting the will of tens of millions of voters.

To those Republicans who didn’t support President Trump’s efforts to ensure a fair and honest election…

Grow a set ladies and gentlemen.

You ALL could have done something about this and avoided the civil unrest. 

All we asked for was fairness, but it falls on your deaf, disgusting ears. President Trump and American people deserve election integrity.

You stayed silent during the riots and looting and burning the past two years even over this summer when your leftist thugs burned business, took over cities, injured our police…

Where were you then? You didn’t condemn their actions.

In fact, you supported them!!! 

LET US BE CLEAR: Violence is never acceptable!!! 

But you deranged DemocRATS, fuel violence and hatred when it suits you. You’re nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.

If you REALLY cared about democracy you would have appointed an election commission to investigate what happened in the election. 

You’re subverting the will of the people! So we have a message for all of you:


DON’T YOU DARE Impeach President Trump.

We will make your life a living hell.

If you really want to know where the problem lies, we’ll tell you:

Your ARROGANCE and LIES are sowing the seeds of subversion and unrest.

Wise up @ss*oles. 

And DON’T YOU DARE try to Impeach President Trump.

You’ve been warned. 

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